We are an independent blog of political analysis. Founded at Manchester University, now at King’s College London and with student collaborators in different universities around the world, The Political seeks to collaborate with students, academics, institutions, and politicians in order to establish a forum for research and debate of contemporary political topics. 

As most of us are students interested in politics and international affairs, we believe that what is needed for students is the creation of a movement aiming at involving them even more in Politics and raising awareness on current issues. We do so primarily by analyzing and reporting political news, but also through the organization of activities that would appeal to the involvement in such. Knowing that this movement is composed by European as well as International students, we believe that the inclusion of all those interested from as wide a range of countries possible, we can make a productive and educating movement. 

Our team

Julien Nourian
Founder and President
Specialised in International Politics and European Studies.
Ambroise Da Silva
Collaborator specialised in International Law and Security Studies.

Alexia Ozeel
Writer specialised in International Relations, Populism and Security Politics.

Philippe Larsson
Collaborator specialised in International Diplomacy and US Politics
Patrycja Talaga
Collaborator patrycja.talaga@student.manchester.ac.uk
Sam Hagshenas
Writer specialised in International Relations and the Middle East.
Lottie Boas
Writer specialised in Political Economy and European Studies.

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