A preamble:

The title says it all. But to resume it once more, last month, as governments around the word are currently responding to an unprecedented crisis; as vaccines are flowing from laboratories to the vaccination centres in Europe, America and elsewhere; as Democracies all faces a similar and yet so different challenge, we met with French MP Mickaël Nogal to discuss on some of these issues at heart.

At the core of the discussion, Mister Nogal – Representative of Haute-Garonne since his election in 2017 under President Macron’s political movement ‘En Marche’ – gave his thoughts on a variety of issues ranging from the local, national and international: From the state of the reforms in the Macron agenda after two crises, the upcoming local elections, to reflections on Europe and its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and even the election of President Joe Biden, giving his view on what it signifies for us Europeans.

Before leaving you to it, I would simply just like to thank MP Mickaël Nogal and his assistant for finding the time to (virtually) sit down with us and answer our questions. An interview conducted and translated from the French by Julien Nourian. Subtitles by Julien Jouzel.

Published by juliennourian

Founder and President of The Political. Specialised in International Politics and European Studies.

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